Homecoming Week Results!

Here are the class winners for Spirit Week.

  • In first place was the Senior Class with a total of 214 points.
  • In second place was the Seventh Grade Class with 165 points.
  • Third place was the Eighth Grade Class with 164 points.
  • Fourth place was the  Freshman Class with 148 points.
  • Fifth place was the Sophomore Class with 144 points.
  • And last, but not least place was the Junior Class with 142 points.


Here is a list of the winners for the floats in the parade.

  • The first place winner for best float was the Freshman Class.
  • The Seventh Grade Class and the Junior Class tied for second place,
  • The Sophomore Class came in at third place.
  • The Eighth Grade Class and the Senior Class tied for fourth place.


Here is a list of winners for the skits that were performed at the pep assembly on Friday.

  • The first place skit winner was the Junior Class.
  • The second place skit winner was the Senior Class.
  • The third place skit winner was the Eighth Grade Class.
  • The rest of the places and corresponding classes are unknown.


Congratulations to the Homecoming Royalty!

  • The Homecoming Queen, a Senior, was Genna Barrett!!!!!
  • The Homecoming King, also a Senior, was Will Syverson!!!!!


Congratulations to all of the winners that participated in the Homecoming Week Activities.


By: Camyrn, 9th Grade

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