Adult Education

Continuing Education Program

The White Sulphur Springs Continuing Education Program is dedicated to providing educational access and lifelong learning opportunities.  We offer innovative, high-quality instruction to the adults in our community. We believe that education can positively transform individuals, enrich lives through good health and personal fulfillment, and contribute to our community.


Time Sheet

The program pays instructors for their time and if some preparation time is necessary, this is paid at the same rate. The ratio is one hour for every three hours of instruction time. Please turn in at the end of the class.

Class Log

The class log is your students' sign-in sheet. Everyone that attends a class must sign in each time. Please turn in at the end of the class.

Instructor Liability Waiver

The waiver form is for the instructor(s) who are giving the class. If you teach more than one class please just complete one. Please turn in at the end of the class.

Student Liability Waiver

Every student is required to complete the form prior to taking their first adult education class with the district. Instructors, please make sure that your students have completed this form at the beginning of the class. Please turn in at the end of the class.

If you are interested in being an instructor or would like to see a specific class offered, please contact: (406) 547-3351